The Main Purpose of Tamoxifen Citrate

Tamoxifen citrate is, in a nutshell, a type of drug designed to help those with cancer, especially to women (and even men) who suffer from varying stages of breast cancer.  Tamoxifen citrate is utilized in order to significantly reduce the chances of breast cancer in developing in women who are found to have a higher-than-normal chance of having breast cancer conditions in the coming 5 years (or those who have been noted as high-risk patients).

Tamoxifen citrate is also a useful drug when it comes to women who already have breast cancer, as tamoxifen citrate can be given right after they have completed their early treatment.  Early treatment of breast cancer conditions can involve surgical procedures, radiation exposures, and chemotherapy.  Tamoxifen citrate intake can keep the deteriorating cancer from spreading unnecessarily to the other body parts of the patient. Also, tamoxifen citrate is believed to significantly lower the risk of one developing a new type of breast cancer.

Furthermore, a good use of tamoxifen citrate is that it can lower the risk of breast cancer to unfortunately spread in women patients who are found to have DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ; or breast cancer that affects the milk ducts and has not yet spread), and these women have already been subjected under surgery (to take out the cancerous cells) as well as radiation therapy.

Even if tamoxifen citrate significantly lowers the risk of cancer of the breasts, it might however increase one’s possibility of getting uterine or endometrial cancer.  Therefore, it is crucial that the patient must let their doctor know as soon as possible should they develop unusual bleeding on the vaginal area, feel an increased pelvic pressure or pain, or if they experience considerable changes in their vaginal discharge.  Tamoxifen citrate might also cause other kinds of cancer aside from uterine cancer.  Also, tamoxifen citrate might cause some women to develop changes that are not cancerous within their uterus such as fibroids, endometriosis, and irregularities in the menstrual periods, or amenorrhea (the absence of menses).  This is the main reason why it is crucial for women who take tamoxifen citrate to undergo regular gynecologic checkups, mammograms and breast exams to monitor themselves carefully.  The doctor will be the one to tell how often you must have these female exams if you are currently under tamoxifen citrate treatment.

Make sure that you inform all of your doctors that you are currently taking tamoxifen citrate so that they will be made aware of what good and bad things it can possibly do to you.

The usual dose of tamoxifen citrate when it comes to treating breast cancer ranges from 20 mg to 40 mg each day.  If you are taking tamoxifen citrate at more than 20 mg each day, your doctor may have to split up the total dose into two smaller ones for you to take in the morning and night.

For ductal carcinoma in situ cases and for cases of women that need to lower their incidence of getting breast cancer, the dose of tamoxifen citrate is usually 20 mg, to be taken for a period of 5 years.