Tadalafil 20 mg Offered at Discount Price at Many Online Stores

When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction (ED), it can be said that tadalafil 20 mg ED treatment drug is the one that is highly sought after.  This is because this tadalafil 20 mg offers the longest effective duration than any other ED drug could offer.  Its 36 hours of effective time easily dwarfs the 4-10 hours other ED drugs have to offer.  This is actually the very reason why a lot of men with ED and couples prefer tadalafil 20 mg as their sexual activity does not get limited with the short hours that others provide.  Essentially, you and your partner can engage in sexual activity within any time of the day as tadalafil 20 mg offers you nearly a day and a half of potential penile erectile function.

Erectile dysfunction comes in three forms – the first is the complete and total incapacity to produce penile erection; the second is the capacity to produce penile erection but its duration does not last long enough to last the whole sexual activity; and the third is the capacity to produce penile erection but its rigidity is not enough for it to vaginally penetrate the female partner.  Although these three are a bit different from the other, what remains a fact however is that regardless of where your ED issue belongs to, you will not be able to successfully have sex with your female partner.  Tadalafil 20 mg is one of the many ED drugs that offer solution to such problem.  Through the use of tadalafil 20 mg, you will be able to produce a good enough erection so that you can properly and successfully accomplish your part in sexual intercourse.

The first to introduce ED medications was actually Viagra which was made by Pfizer.  A few years later, Eli Lilly released Cialis (tadalafil).  Tadalafil 20 mg easily became very popular and very highly sought after thanks to the long duration that it offers.  Both Viagra and tadalafil 20 mg belongs to the same classification of drugs called PDE5 inhibitor.  Drugs belonging to this classification share the same mechanism of action to produce the erection desired by those with penile erection impairments.  This mechanism of action is basically the effective transport of blood towards the cavities inside the penis.  Once these cavities become swollen with blood, an erection is produced.

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