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Make sure that before you go ahead and buy cheap avanafil, you should first check out the relevant information about this product, especially the precautions and side effects it can possibly give you.  Just like any other PDE5 inhibitor, cheap avanafil can also make you experience common side effects such as: allergic reactions (edema on face, tongue, throat and lips, breathing difficulties, and urticaria (hives).  Cheap avanafil can also cause you to feel nauseous or dizzy during sexual engagement. Also, cheap avanafil may cause you to feel numbness, pain, or tingling in your jaw, arms, neck or chest. If you have any of these side effects after you have taken cheap avanafil, then you must stop taking it and visit your doctor immediately.  Such side effects are considered to be serious for cheap avanafil users.

On the contrary, there are those who have bought cheap avanafil online and have had remarkable results.  Avanafil can be taken orally with food or without any food.  One way to properly take cheap avanafil is that you should follow all the directions as shown on the pamphlet included in the medicine pack.  If you have sought advice from your doctor and he has given you a prescription for avanafil, you have to follow his instructions. Your doctor may also change your dose from time to time in case it is needed in order for you to experience the best results.  Make sure that you do not take cheap avanafil in bigger or smaller amounts or any longer than what’s recommended.