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Hair loss is the loss of hair strands due to hair fall.  All of us lose more than a dozen hair strands each day.  This is actually normal as we will be able to grow back some of the hair we have lost once the hair growth cycle of your hair follicles reaches anew.  However, there are some individuals who have inherited a genetic condition that inevitably turns them bald from having lost too many hair strands.  The problem with their genetic condition is that their hair follicles grow thin until they are no longer able to grow hair and eventually die.  The loss of hair follicles means that they will not be able to regenerate the strands that have been lost.

The genetic condition of male pattern baldness is passed through the male offspring of those who have the condition.  Although women may have it in their genes, it is more likely that they will pass the condition to their male offspring.  While there are cases where women too suffer from hair loss, the bald condition they form does not follow the pattern baldness that men with the genetic trait encounters.

For most men with this hair loss issue, it is certainly a condition they themselves do not want to have.  While there are men who love sporting a baldhead, they can still have their hair grow back should they decide to quit sporting the baldheaded fashion and go for a new trendier hair design.  However, for those who have the genetic condition of androgenic alopecia, they are left with no choice but to allow their head to grow and become totally bald once the condition have taken its full course.

There are actually hair loss remedies that work.  Of course, most of the time, hair loss remedies being sold in the market only slow down the progression of hair loss but not exactly treat the cause of the issue.  Right now, the only true treatment for male pattern baldness is the drug Propecia, which hormonally reduces the level of the hormone responsible for the thinning out of hair follicles.  If you use Propecia, you will be able to stop your head from losing more hairs.   Through Propecia use, thinned out hair follicles that are still alive will be able to recover.  The treatment effect of Propecia will stop hair loss from occurring, thus allowing you to recover part of your hairline that can still be salvaged.

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