Got ED? Start Being a Man again with Vardenafil 20mg

For most men who acquire a male penile condition called erectile dysfunction (ED), they feel like it is the end of their sex life because they no longer have the capacity to please their woman due to their penile impotence.  Well, this may actually be true during the mid-90s and years prior to that.  But, in the year 1998 and later, PDE5 inhibitor ED medication drugs have been invented and released in the market which men with ED can take advantage of to temporarily attain the erection they need for a successful sexual intercourse.

Prior to the invention of PDE5 inhibitor drugs like vardenafil 20mg, men who had erectile dysfunction had to rely on mechanical contraptions in order to get the sort of like erection so that they will be able to please their sexual partners.  The problem with the erection given off by these gadgets is that it is fake and they are meant solely to sexually please the urges of the partner and not themselves.  This is because these contraptions do not have the sensation that a natural erection has and are therefore not really physically pleasurable for the man.  These days though, PDE5 inhibitor drugs have greatly changed how men with ED view their penile disability as they are now very much capable of having a successful sexual intercourse despite their erectile condition.  The best part that these ED drugs such as vardenafil 20mg offer is that the erection and sensation feels very normal which is why the only change they feel in their sex life after getting the condition is that they need to medicate prior to any scheduled sexual intercourse.

For men who have erectile dysfunction, setting up a schedule for sexual intercourse becomes a norm because most ED medications require at least an hour before its full effect is reached.  Actually, this is not the case with vardenafil 20mg as you only need to take it 20 minutes prior to sexual intercourse.  This means that vardenafil 20mg is very useful for those unscheduled intimate activity as the 20 minutes needed for the drug to take its full effect can simply be used for a long and passionate foreplay.

If you are not familiar with the different ED medications, then you should know that vardenafil 20mg is the most effective ED drug there is currently sold in the market.  In fact, vardenafil 20mg even beats Viagra in terms of efficacy.  Of course, this is not the only reason why vardenafil 20mg is considered as the best ED treatment drug there is.  Vardenafil 20mg actually holds 4 key points on why it is better than Viagra and three key points on why it is the best ED medication. One, vardenafil 20mg is the most effective ED drug; two, vardenafil 20mg is the fastest acting ED medication; three, vardenafil is the safest of all ED treatment drugs in the market; and four, vardenafil duration of action lasts twice as much as Viagra and beaten only by the drug tadalafil.