Daily Doses of Generic Tadalafil Gives You a Normal-like Erectile Function

These days, if you have got erectile dysfunction (ED), it can no longer be used as an issue on why you cannot have sex with your partner.  This is because ED drugs like generic tadalafil are already existent and are easily available to anyone.  While this sexual condition can be something you can blame at, there are however treatments you can use in order to have momentary use of your manhood.

Generic tadalafil is an ED drug that is classified under or grouped under PDE5 inhibitor drugs.  This is actually the same group that Viagra, the pioneer of ED medications, belongs to.  All erectile dysfunction treatment drugs can only be used once per day.  This means that should the drug wear off its effect within the day, you are not allowed to take another dosage should you and your partner decide to have one more round of lovemaking as doing so may lead to overdosage and this can potentially permanently injure your manhood.  This is the case though with most ED drugs as they only have 4-10 hours of effective time.  However, generic tadalafil is different as it offers the user 36 hours of erectile capacity.  This means that after a whole day upon ingesting the ED medicine, you are allowed to take another dose even though the drug still has another half day of effect.  This means that if you take generic tadalafil on a daily basis, you will have normal-like erectile functions as if you do not even have erectile dysfunction at all.

PDE5 inhibitor drugs like generic tadalafil are very effective in treating erectile dysfunction because they allow smooth and effective blood flow into the cavities of the penis.  This is possible due to the active ingredients being used by each version of PDE5 inhibitor drug.  Since each type of drug uses a different active ingredient to achieve the same mechanism of action, it means that the side effects that these drugs share differ in severity.  This difference in active ingredient is actually also the reason why some have a longer effective duration than others, with which in this case, generic tadalafil offers the longest.

Generic tadalafil is actually the generic version of the brand Cialis, the ED drug created by Eli Lilly.  If you plan on taking the drug each day for that normal-erectile function you need or want, then going generic may be the better and more economical solution.  This is because generic tadalafil are offered at a fraction of the price of the branded med.  This allows you to buy more doses for the same price of a few branded meds.

If you are interested in getting a better deal, you may want to get your generic tadalafil ED medications online.  Online merchants actually offer a much better deal that no physical store can match.  Also, if you plan on buying generic tadalafil in bulk, the price per dose will actually get even lower, thereby giving you a much better deal.  There are even some online merchants who may throw in additional doses for bulk orders.