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Metronidazole Price – Why it Pays to Use Generic

Metronidazole is the generic version of the popular antibiotic drug, Flagyl.  This antibacterial drug is actually very effective in treating bacterial infection that it is highly recommended and frequently prescribed by doctors to patients that have serious infections such as urinary tract infection, acute otitis media, and trichomoniasis just to name a few.  In fact, this antibiotic drug is not only useful in treating bacterial infections, but it also has the capacity to treat infections that are protozoan in nature such as amoebiasis and giardiasis.

In the past, generic medications where sort of snubbed upon because many generic drugs back then were, sadly, inferior in nature.  This is because generic manufacturers tried to cut cost during production in order to increase their profit.  However, metronidazole is different as this generic antibiotic drug is a prescription drug which means it is meant to be strong and effective, otherwise, no one will even bother buying.

Metronidazole is actually manufactured using the exact same ingredients as its branded and more expensive brethren.  This means that the overall effect of both generic and branded drug should just be the same.  The basic difference of both drugs will simply be the manufacturing process, quality control, and of course, metronidazole price.  It is without doubt that the metronidazole price will be a fraction of that of Flagyl as generic medication has always been made to be affordable. Continue reading

Fight Breast Cancer With Tamoxifen Citrate

Tamoxifen citrate is an anti estrogen drug which is non-steroidal in which it typically inhibits the estrogen receptors of a specific tumor or organ in the body. The fighting mechanism of Tamoxifen citrate is that it prevents the hypertrophy of the body cells in which it is dependent by the estrogen’s regulation. Tamoxifen citrate effects will occur after several weeks from the first dose. In most women, this drug can stimulate or motivate the production of hormones called gonadotropic in the hypophysis. In men, Tamoxifen citrate increases the production of hormone that stimulates the follicle and increase also the concentration of testosterone, luteinizing hormone, and the blood-serum’s estrogen especially for thoe men who have oligospermia.

But the most common application of the drug Nolvadex or Tamoxifen citrate is on breast cancer. It is used for the treatment in both women and men suffering from breast cancer, especially after breast cancer operation called castration for the purpose of preventing the cancer cells from further development and spreading in the entire body. Tamoxifen citrate is also a treatment for some conditions such as melanomas, cancer of the kidney, cancer of the ovary, and soft tissues’ sarcomas that contains estrogen receptors. Continue reading